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Homework is important because it helps your son to prepare for, complete or revise the work he is doing in lessons. Every pupil at Central Foundation Boys’ School is expected to do homework regularly and with care. If one piece of homework is done each night after school then it will also be necessary to complete three or four pieces each weekend.

All homework and relevant resources are stored on Show My Homework.

Homework tips

Try to ensure that your son uses his planner to record homework. He should always check that he understands what to do.

Try to encourage your son to do his homework at the same time every evening.

For example, in Years 7 and 8:

Arrive home 4.15pm

Relax 4.15-4.30pm

Homework 4.30-5.30pm

Homework checked by a parent or sibling 5.30-5.40pm

The rest of the evening is then his own.

Homework club: Every night after school for an hour, homework club is run . The LRC is available for homework projects but priority is given to KS4 students.

If homework is not completed:

We encourage you to ensure that your son is completing his homework. However, if it is not completed then the subject teacher will record this. Contact will be made to home via a text or letter.

Persistent failure to complete homework will result in your son being required to attend homework club every afternoon for the remainder of the term.

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