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High Achieving Pupils

At Central Foundation Boys’ School we aim to meet the needs of all pupils so that when they leave school they have the qualifications, skills and experiences needed to be successful in the most competitive university, job or apprenticeship applications. Accordingly, our high-achieving pupils [HAPs] are recognised by the school and supported with their development, both in and out of the classroom. As a school we ensure that we:

  • Meet the needs of the HAPs in their academic careers by planning for and delivering a highly challenging curriculum;
  • Meet the needs of students who excel in areas outside the classroom by giving them the opportunities and support they need to maintain and improve high standards;
  • Recognise that strategies used to raise the standards of our HAPs will help raise the standards of all pupils;
  • Develop all our students as independent and reflective learners to prepare them to become leaders in their future careers.

The Deputy Headteachers responsible for Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 work closely with the HAPs Coordinator and the Heads of Year to meet these needs and help classroom teachers to plan lessons that support these aims.

High-Achieving Pupils Coordinator

The school’s HAPs Coordinator is responsible for the following tasks to enable the school to meet the above aims:

  • Identify HAPs in each year group after each assessment point and ensure that this register is communicated with all staff and that parents of HAPs are aware of this;
  • Monitor the progress of the HAPs so that opportunities and interventions can be arranged to those that need them;
  • Communicate with staff the appropriate support and intervention strategies that will help HAPs in their development;
  • Communicate with parents the support that they can offer their child to develop as independent and reflective learners;
  • Provide educational opportunities which will inspire students as learners and instil a culture of excellence in the student body;
  • Provide training opportunities for staff to develop teaching and learning plans that are sufficiently challenging for HAPs.

Classroom Teachers

Each classroom teacher will help the identified HAPs in their class by:

  • Recognise that planning strategies and lessons to raise standards for HAPs will help raise standards for all;
  • Create teaching and learning plans that will include problem-solving and open-ended enquiries to develop independent and reflective learners;
  • Provide students with opportunities to complete challenging homework and independent learning projects.


All students at Central Foundation Boys’ School should recognise that HAPs display the following qualities:

  • Complete all pieces of homework in every subject;
  • Organise their revision so that every topic that could come up in each test has been covered;
  • List the skills and processes required of excellent students in each of the subjects they study;
  • Enquire into problems independently, while also looking for opportunities and experiences that will take them out of their comfort zone and give them the edge over other students;
  • Work hard but also thoughtfully in all subjects, recognising that working more is not necessarily working better.

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