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As part of our commitment to improving communications between parents and teachers, the contact details of Directors of Learning, Senior Leadership Team and Form Tutors are listed below.

Directors of Learning

Year Group Director of Learning Extension Number
Year 7 Ms J Morrison 230
Year 8 Mr M Couch 715
Year 9 Mr T Russell 765
Year 10 Mr G Tong 243
Year 11 Ms S Patel 760
Sixth Form Ms M Nedjdet 208

Senior Leadership Team

Leader Title Extension Number
Mr T Costello Deputy Headteacher; Responsible for Year 7 – 8 701
Mr M Dilley Deputy Headteacher; Responsible for Year 9 – 11 724
Mr C Barker Deputy Headteacher; Responsible for Year 12 – 13 796
Mr M Royal Assistant Headteacher 718
Ms A Sharif Assistant Headteacher;
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr W Samuel Assistant Headteacher 249
Mr L Stevens Assistant Headteacher 606

Year 7 Form Tutors

Form Teacher
7SXB Ms S Begum
7GKC Mr G Chapman
7EG Ms E Goldman
7SI Mr S Islam
7LN Ms L Nott
7CP Ms C Pugh
7RS Mr R Scivyer
7JS Mr J Seery

Year 8 Form Tutors

Form Teacher
8HE (7FM) Ms H Ekbery
8BG Mr B Goodfellow
8SH (7CH) Mr A Cotazzo/Mr C Neenan
8AK (7DM) Mr A Keddie
8DVE Ms D Kraithman-Van Eck
8JR Mr J Russell
8ES Ms E Staniland
8NW Ms N Wild

Year 9 Form Tutors

Form Teacher
9JC Mr J Colver
9RG Mr R Gricia
9NM (8MB) Ms N McDougall
9CR Mr C Richards
9DS (8EB) Mr D Selley
9AW Ms A Welsby
9GW Mr G Wilson
9FW (8RW) Ms F Wojcik

Year 10 Form Tutors

Form Teacher
10RC Mr R Coyle
10NDP Mr N Diaz-Poblete
10AFY Mr A Ford-York
10CXH Ms C Hughes
10LJ Ms L Jouanny
10IM Mr I Mohamud
10NV Ms N Valvis
10OA (9AXZ) Ms L Okolosie/Ms K Ashby

Year 11 Form Tutors

Form Teacher
11JXB Mr J Barrie
11CC Mr C Cluitt
11WL (10SG) Mr W Lau
11HM Ms H McMahon
11KR (10MM) Ms K Russell
11JGS (10KM) Mr J Sharp
11JV Mr J Vega
11AZ Ms A Zounis

Year 12 Form Tutors

Form Teacher
12SC Ms S Collins
12RJ Mr R Johnstone
12DM Mr D McCosh
12CY Mr P Serbetsoglou
12EKS Ms E Smith

Year 13 Form Tutors

Form Teacher
13KB Ms K Burkin
13CCU Mr C Cuttle
13RF (12IXA) Mr R Fraser
13LL Ms L Lassami
13GR Ms G Rosati