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School Staff

  • The Headteacher is automatically a governor for the lifetime of his / her Headship.
  • Teaching representatives are appointed by a ballot of teaching staff.
  • Support staff representatives are appointed by a ballot of support staff.

Parent Governors
Parents are elected by a ballot open to all parents of students at the school (1 ballot paper per family). The ballot paper is sent to the family and a brief account from each person standing is available.

LEA Governors
The Leading party of the local authority has the power to appoint one local authority governor, invariably from that particular party. If a new party takes over, the new party has the right to appoint a different person from their own party, if they so wish.

Foundation Governors
Foundation Governors are people nominated by the school / governors. Often they are people who have previously been Parent Governors or LEA Governors; sometimes they are former students of the school. Ideally three of the Foundation Governors should be Foundation Parent Governor (who have or have had children at the school, or have children at other schools but of the relevant age).

The nominations are put to the Trustees for agreement at a Board meeting.

Once voted in or nominated the Governor will serve a four year term of office.

  • Staff often re-nominate one of their representatives without opposition from other candidates, so an election is not held and they automatically retain their governorship.
  • Foundation Governors are also frequently re-nominated for more than one term of office.
  • All Parent Governors always serve one term of office, although there is nothing to prevent them from putting themselves forward for a further term.

The number of governors can vary, dependent on the school governors Instrument of Government (which is signed off by the Local Authority). In a Voluntary Aided School, the number of Foundation Governors always forms a majority.

Members of the Boys’ School Governing Body

Appointed by the Trustees of the Foundation
Mr C Gurney (Chair)
Mr C Alexander
Mr A Balfour
Mr S Dodds
Ms T Erem
Ms S Gaynor-Ward
Ms D Khambata
Ms C Kohut
Mr N Mattis

Representative Governors (LEA Appointed)
Ms R Ismail

Parent Governors
Mr T Cassels
Ms J Plesniak
Mr M Guida

Mr J Brownhill

Staff Governors
Ms E Smith (Teaching)
Ms C Browne (Co-opted Non-Teaching)
Mr S Mounsey (Co-opted Teaching)

To read a list of the Governors’ pecuniary and personal interests, please click here.

The terms of office for each governor can be found here.