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“A culture of high expectations underpins the school’s work” Ofsted


Please see a link to a video introduction to Central Foundation Boys’ School

As we celebrate 150 years of Central Foundation, we look to the past with pride and gratitude – and forward, to an exciting future.  These are the aims that we have set ourselves:

- For every single one of our students to achieve outstanding outcomes in their education; in terms of both qualifications and the development of the skills, attributes, knowledge, understanding necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing world. It is these outcomes that will transform their futures.

- To provide inspirational teaching; we will continue to lead the way in recruiting top graduates into teaching, to find the best qualified and most inspirational teachers with the energy and commitment to lead and inspire inside and outside of the classroom.

- To provide a world class curriculum for the students: whilst based around traditional subjects it must reflect the world as it is today and prepare the students for the future.

- To provide outstanding pastoral care; care of the individual must always rank alongside our academic ambitions – unhappy boys do not succeed.

- To ensure the highest standards of behaviour, uniform, attendance and punctuality: students learn best in a calm and safe environment.

- To be committed to promoting and preserving the richness of our diversity; as a uniquely diverse school in terms of academic ability, socio-economic make-up and ethnicity we will continue to use this to the advantage of our students in their education.

- To construct an inspirational physical environment; we will develop our historical school campus in a way that will enhance the education of the students and improve the quality of their lives.

- To commit to community; service is at the heart of our school.  We will develop innovative and wide-ranging community programmes.

- To provide ground-breaking advice, information and support to all students for their next step beyond Central Foundation: whether students are moving on to university, work or training, they must receive the highest quality support.