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Sixth Form Open Evening

November 29th, 2021

To book a place at the Sixth Form Open Evening please visit: HERE

To find out more about the Sixth Form please visit: HERE

To apply for a place at Central Foundation Boys’ School Sixth Form, please click: HERE

Winter Concert 2021

November 29th, 2021

We will be hosting a Winter Concert that will take place on Thursday 16th December at 6pm in the school Assembly Hall. As a result of the ongoing Covid-19 situation, we can accommodate only a limited number of visitors. Consequently, attendees are kindly asked to book a place through our online booking system: HERE . We ask this to ensure the comfort and safety of our visitors as well as members of our school community.

After placing an online booking, tickets must be picked up and paid for at the Reception (£2 / £1 Concession). We ask that all visitors wear a face covering for the duration of the visit, unless exempt.

Places for the Winter Concert need to be booked as bookings are limited to maximum of 2 members per family. We kindly ask that parents who have booked a place but are no longer able to attend let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer their place to another family.

We hope you can come along.


Please see below an update in relation to Covid-19. From Tuesday 30th November, students will be required to wear a face covering in communal areas and in classrooms unless exempt.


Covid-19 update to parents and carers 29.11.21



Year 7 Music Assembly

November 26th, 2021

Yesterday morning, our Year 7 students had their first Music Assembly by performing Manhattan Blues.

Please see below some photographs illustrating their first year group assembly performance.

Year 9 Curriculum Evening

November 24th, 2021

Last night, we hosted a Year 9 Curriculum Evening yesterday for parents, carers and students.

  • Presentation from the evening can be found here:

Year 9 Curriculum Evening 2021


Monday 29th November will mark the start of our Year 12 CV Building Week. The purpose of this week is to provide our Year 12 students with the skills to build an impactful and effective CV, while also providing them with the knowledge and understanding in how to develop their CV as they advance in their experiences and career.

The week will entail:

  • a series of activities in form time learning about how to create a CV
  • an assembly delivered by Varde with tips and advice on how to make a CV stand out
  • an afterschool workshop on Wednesday 1st December delivered by Exigere where students can receive 1-to-1 advice from a professional about how to further develop their CV as a student/soon-to-be school leaver
  • final submission of their CV on SMHW

To participate in the afterschool workshop with Exigere, students must sign up for a time slot. Students can do this with Ms Neumann in the LRC. The session will run from 3:20pm and 5pm, and each time slot will be 10-minutes.

Please contact Ms Browne for any questions or further information:

Tower of London Visit

November 19th, 2021

On 18th November 2021, 27 students in Years 7 and 8 visited the Tower of London. They were chosen by the History department for their engagement and enthusiasm in their History lessons since the beginning of the academic year.

Students walked from the school to the Tower, taking in some of the historic sights of the City of London as well as walking along the River Thames. On arrival, students first saw the Crown Jewels before taking a well-deserved lunch break. Students then visited the White Tower and the tower’s battlements.

They also had the chance to get to know some of the Tower’s most important residents.

Throughout the day students were engaged and asking questions, curious about the people, places, and objects they saw. The visit gave the students a thorough understanding of medieval life and a better context for their history lessons.


Please see attached the Year 10 AP1 timetable starting next Monday 22nd November.
The assessments take place in classrooms during the lessons in the timetable.

Subject Set Date Periods
English Already completed
RE All 22/11/2021 6&7
Maths All 25/11/2021 p3
Biology All 22/11/2021 P3
Chemistry All 23/11/2021 P2
Physics All 24/11/2021 P3
Computer Science 10B Computer Science 25/11/2021 P1 and 2
Computer Science 10A Computer Science 26/11/2021 P6 and 7
ICT 10C iMedia 23/11/2021 P6 and 7
ICT 10D iMedia 24/11/2021 P6 and 7
Geography 10A 23/11/2021 P3
Geography 10B1 22/21/2021 P2
Geography 10B2 22/11/2021 P2
Geography 10C 23/11/2021 P6
Geography 10D 22/11/2021 P1
History 10A 02/12/2021 P6
History 10B 30/11/2021 P6
History 10C 02/12/2021 P3
History 10D 01/12/2021 P7
Business 10A1 10A2 23/11/2021 & 29/11/21 P3, P1
Business 10B 25/11/2021 P1,2
Business 10C 23/11/2021 P6,7
Business 10D 24/11/2021 P6,7
Drama Practical 25/11/21 P1 & P2
Drama Written 29/11/21 P2
Spanish 10C L&R 23/11/21 P6,7
Spanish 10C L&R 24/11/21 P6,7
Spanish 10D Writing 7/12/21 P7
Spanish 10D Writing 6/12/21 P7
French 10C L&R 23/11/21 P6,7
French 10C Writing 30/11/2021 P3
French 10A L&R 24/11/21 P6&P7
French 10A Writing 22/11/21 P1
Food tech 10A Written 23/11/21 P3
Food tech 10A Practical 26/11/21 P6,7
Food tech 10C Written 24/11/21 P5
Food tech 10C Practical 23/11/21 P6,7
Design tech 10A 29/11/2021 P1
Mandarin 10C L&R 23/11/21 P6
Mandarin 10C Writing 23/11/2021 P7
Mandarin 10C Speaking 30/11/21 P3
PE 24/11/21 P6&P7



Remembrance Day Assembly

November 15th, 2021

Central Foundation marked the 103rd anniversary of Armistice Day with a virtual Remembrance Day assembly for the whole school on Thursday 11th November.

After the Headteacher’s address, students read poems and a strings group performed Herschel Symphony. The Last Post was played by Ennio, Year 7, and Jaden, Year 8, after which the school community observed the two minutes’ silence. Two wreaths were laid at the school’s War Memorial, which displays the names of all former pupils who lost their lives in the First and Second World War.

The ceremony finished with a reading of an inscription from the Kohima Memorial:

‘When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Their Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today”.


On Thursday and Friday last week, all Year 11 GCSE geography classes visited the Field Study Council Centre in Epping Forest to carry out their River Field Investigation which makes up part of their GCSE.

While there, students examined how Loughton Brook, a small river that runs through Epping Forest towards Loughton before ending up in the River Roding, changes as it moves downstream. Working in small groups, the students collected primary data that allowed them to investigate how river characteristics change downstream.

As well as the River Investigation, students also looked at the characteristics and management of the ancient deciduous woodland ecosystem.

After returning, they will be analysing the data back in the classroom. The group was lucky to experience good weather on both days with the sun even coming out on Friday.