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Central Futures Week

July 7th, 2015

Lawyers from Slaughter & May giving expert advice for UCAS personal statements

Last week the Central Futures team, a group of staff who are responsible for finding pathways for all pupils once they leave Central Foundation Boys’ School, held a week long series of workshops, forums and event sessions for Year 12s.


The week began with a two day series of workshops about employability presented by WYRD. The main workshop involved the students creating 15 one-minute movies that dealt with different aspects of employability, such as resilience, knowledge networking, business etiquette, interviewing and LinkedIn. It forced the pupils to consider the difference between school and work, and the different situations that may arise. Some of the videos will be entered into a national competition and 15 pupils will be attending the awards ceremony at the Google Hangout in Shoreditch on Monday 13th July.

While the first half of the week focussed on careers, the second half of week looked at universities. Former students, who now attend UCL and Bristol University came back to the school for a question & answer session, alongside an ex-student who found an apprenticeship through the Tech City Stars summer school. This was followed by a carousel programme about different opportunities like studying abroad, gap years, school leaver programmes and a look at courses that pupils may not know are available to them, such as Egyptology.

Later that day, admissions staff from Oxford, LSE and UCL hosted another question & answer session. This time the topic was about UCAS applications. Speaking from a wealth of knowledge, the three admissions staff gave an inside insight on what makes for a strong university application.

The pupils took this knowledge into Friday where they were joined by a number of lawyers from Slaughter & May, with whom the school regularly works. The lawyers worked with groups of two or three pupils and held a long, in-depth mentoring session on writing a personal statement for UCAS, tailored to each pupil. After working with the lawyers throughout the morning, they had to write a full draft by the end of the day and submit it to their mentor. They will then hear feedback and re-write the draft a week later based on continuing help from Slaughter & May.

The week of events ensured that every member of Year 12 was given the chance for an in-depth, considered opinion on the many routes of success open to them in a year’s time.

The whole group, before they split up into groups of four and hiked 30km

Having had a practice expedition in March, the final Duke of Edinburgh hike was completed over last weekend.

Following on from their weekend practice, 12 students from Year 10 and 12 took part in a two day expedition for their bronze level award. Taking place in the Essex countryside, students carried food supplies to support themselves for their gruelling 30km (18.5 miles) trek.

Graced with good weather, pupils were split into three groups of four and successfully navigated through the routes, with their mobile phones sealed away to prevent them using GPS devices. Their expedition assessors were very impressed with their performance and the students were elated upon their completion of the two days.

The students are now close to completing their bronze award. To fulfil other requirements of the award they will have to learn new skills, participate in physical activities and commit to six months of volunteering. Most of these tasks have already begun and the entire group hopes to be able to complete the award in time for Founder’s Day in November.

For images from their hike, click here.

We will be holding two Parents’ Evenings in July:

  • Year 8 and Year 10 Parents’ Evening on Thursday 2nd July (2pm – 3:30pm / 4pm – 6pm)
  • Year 7 and Year 9 Parents’ Evening on Thursday 9th July (2pm – 3:30pm / 4pm – 6pm)

The school will finish at lunchtime on both Thursdays. Lunch will be provided for the students as normal.

Music Concert

July 2nd, 2015

The Concert Band opened the event

The last day of June saw Music School host an evening’s Summer Concert, showcasing the work that the different choirs, orchestras and soloists had been working towards throughout the year.

Over 100 parents, peers, partners and colleagues bought tickets to the one hour event which showcased a wide variety of music.

The performance opened with the Concert Band, a mixture of mostly brass and woodwind musicians, performing Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk as an instrumental. The Concert Band also performed Skyfall and The Final Countdown later on in the night.

FretWrx and FretWrxToo performed modern rock songs on guitar

The performances stayed modern with the FretWrxToo guitar group perfoming Apache by The Shadows before things turned more classical with Derek Nightingale singing the German Die Lotosblume followed by Francesco Geminiani’s Concerto Grosso afterwards. This was followed by another solo performance on the trumpet by James Wright, playing Jim Parker’s theme tune to the TV series The House of Elliot.

An American-influenced section followed with FretWrx playing Sweet Home Alabama on guitars. After this, instruments were ditched entirely for the first performance of the Year 10 Barbershop Group who sang the traditional song Little Lamb.

The largest performance came from the Junior Choir

After a saxophone trio performed Peter Davis’ Ballade á Trois, the house band IDK joined the Year 7 Junior Choir in covering Katy Perry’s 2013 single Roar. This was the performance with the most members of the evening and was followed by the smallest performance, Year 11′s George Shanks performed Flamenco Agogo, a composition by Shanks himself on acoustic guitar. The evening finished with a performance of Billy Joel’s And So It Goes by The Eight before house band IDK returned to play Stairway To Heaven.

Over 100 students played from all Year groups a part in the concert, showing the product of their dedication from weekly pre-school practises throughout the year.

For more photos from the concert, please click here.

The Year 7 group outside the British Library

This year sees the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, one of the most significant documents in British history. To celebrate the historic charter, history teacher Mr Samuel has been running a school-wide Magna Carta 1215-2015 Project.

Mr Samuel, Mr Russell – both history teachers – and Mr Coyle, Head of Art, are leading Year 7 pupils through a history and art project examining the Magna Carta, its origins and its changing significance throughout history. This will lead to a commemorative school art project in the final weeks of term.

To help inspire them and as part of this project, a group of Year 7s visited the British Library to see its exhibition on the Magna Carta. Not only did they see one of the original chartered documents, they also were shown the numerous ways in which it changed British life and the effects that can still be seen from it today.