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The championship winning team with their trophy and medals

In July, a 40 strong team of pupils from Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 competed against other schools in Islington for the annual summer Islington Athletics Championship.

In winning the day-long tournament, the team, trained by Mr Wilson and Mr O’Neil, retained the trophy for the third year in succession.
Boys from all four years competed against St Aloysius, St Mary Magdalene Academy, Islington Arts and Media School (IAMs), City of London Academy (COLA) and Holloway.

Once again, Central Foundation recorded a comfortable victory that would have required second place IAMs to come first in five more events to win.
The most successful event for the school was the triple jump, where a gold medal was won across all four years. With a high level of competition at Sports Day and continuing success across Islington, Central Foundation’s dedication to sports from the curriculum, to after-school clubs to guest workshops in a variety of sports is paying dividends.

Parents and pupils should keep an eye out for the extra-curricular timetable in September to see which new and returning sports clubs will be available in the next academic year.


July 21st, 2015

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Reward Trips

July 17th, 2015

Year 8s were rewarded with a visit to Disneyland Paris

At Central Foundation Boys’ School, we believe that hard work and achievement should always be awarded and celebrated. Throughout the year, lower school Heads of Year have continually kept an eye on boys who have been recognised for their good behaviour, polite manner and putting extra effort into everything they do. To acknowledge this hard work each Head of Year organised a trip to reward the boys.

Ms Morrison, Head of Year 9, took 30 Year 9 boys to the London Dungeon for a day trip by the River Thames. While there, the boys learned about the darker side of British history. The exhibit recreates many famous instances of British history, such as Jack the Ripper and a variety of medieval torture and prison methods employed by the police. The boys said they had a scary, but informative day out.

To reward her Year 8 boys Ms Patel, Head of Year, took them to France for a visit to Disneyland Paris. The group flew to Paris and spent two days in the Magic Kingdom with Ms Patel, Mr Barrie and Ms Ajayi. Staying overnight in the Disneyland Hotel meant they had earlier access to the park on the second day, allowing them to make the most of their time there.

The Year 7s made short films using stop-motion animation and editing software

Ms Barton, Head of Year 7, organised two separate trips to reward the Year 7s; one for those who had received Head of Year awards in the weekly Year assemblies and another for those had been awarded the most merits from teachers throughout the year. The first visit was to the British Film Institute; while there they learnt about film projection techniques and different ways to project cinema. They also learnt about the evolution of models and computer graphics in film. At the end of the day they visited saw the newly released film Jurassic World on the IMAX screen, which is the largest screen in the UK. The second visit was a day trip to Thorpe Park in Surrey.

For more pictures from the rewards trips, see our gallery or click here.

One of the teams receiving their award at Google Hangout

A fortnight ago was Central Futures week, five days of workshops, lectures and competitions organised by the Central Futures team to help Year 12s consider the many options open to them in their future.

One of the competitions they took part in was organised by WYRD, a programme which helps school leavers prepare for the working world. The task saw the pupils split into groups and create 15 one-minute movies that put a spotlight on different problems someone may face early in employment, or situations that would not usually be discussed in the classroom.

The two winning teams with their certificates

Some of the videos were of a high enough quality that they were entered into a national competition. Last night at Google Hangout in Shoreditch, WYRD hosted their awards evening which was followed by a panel discussion and an opportunity for networking.

Of the students videos that were entered into the competition, Central Foundation won in two categories: Knowledge Networking and Business Etiquette. As well as attending the evening and panel, and having their video recognised, each pupil received £100 each prize money.

Ms Thain being awarded Teacher of the Year alongside WYRD's founder and chairman

On top of this, Central Futures team member Ms Thain was also awarded Teacher of the Year by WYRD.

Sixth Form visits CERN

July 16th, 2015

The science group in front of Geneva's old town

In June, 21 science students from Year 12 and 13 travelled to Geneva, Switzerland which included a visit to the CERN Institute.

The group of science students flew to Geneva on a Monday morning and returned on Wednesday evening. The three days were spent visiting many of the sights Geneva had to offer, including the main offices of the United Nations.

They also visited the Red Cross Museum and the old town of Geneva, which is a national heritage sight full of narrow passages and hidden courtyards that date back to the 19th century. They also visited the Geneva Council and went swimming in Lake Geneva.

However, the main purpose of their journey was to visit the CERN Institute. CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) is a pan-European research laboratory that focusses on particle physics and is most famous for housing the Large Hadron Collider, which is the result of world-wide cooperation.

The class in front of CERN's central command

Due to the nature of the facility, they were allowed on-site for four hours. Before this, they had lunch with scientists and engineers who work on the facility. Once they entered, they were taken to the reception for a lecture about CERN’s operations and the history of the facility, which includes being the place Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.

After the lecture, they were taken to the French side of the facility to the central command. The central command is where the the Large Hadron Collider is controlled. While there they saw the assembling units of the LHC and were taught how equipment was assembled and tested for the machine – including testing metal parts of the machine which expand and contract by 80 metres due to their intense heat, and have to be kept at specific lengths.

The pupils returned from Geneva with a greater insight into particle physics and an understanding of some of the different career paths science can lead to.

For photos from the visit, visit our gallery or click here.

The boys used sweep nets to catch wildlife

Earlier this week, 29 GCSE science pupils from Year 10 travelled to Hyde Park to visit the LookOut Education Centre as part of the Royal Parks Foundation.

At the small nature sanctuary in the middle of the largest park in London, the boys carried out studies on marine life. They observed the water meadow there and used field work equipment such as sweep nets and quadrats to catch organisms. After they caught them outside, they moved inside to use microscopes and laptops to identify and measure the miniature organisms.

As well as small organisms, they boys caught a variety of insects and pond life such as grasshoppers and newts. Their findings tie into their biology coursework, looking at the natural life cycles of wildlife.

For more images from the day, click here.

Spanish Trip

July 14th, 2015

The group of Year 9s and 10s climbing the mountains overlooking Santander

Recently Ms Reid, Ms Welsby and Mr Russell took 22 languages pupils from Year 9 and 10 to Spain for a six day visit of the continental nation to gain a greater understanding of the country and its culture.

The group stayed in the mountains overlooking the city of Santander. Rather than reside in a hotel or lodge, the group stayed in a large house owned by Fernando and Merche who were their language teachers for the week. Fernando and Merche gave language lessons every morning to all of the pupils who were encouraged to talk in Spanish as much as possible during their visit.

The students experiencing palaeolithic Spanish hunting techniques

After the lessons, each day the group travelled to the local area. Among the activities, the boys went fly foxing in the forests, visited Carbaceno Wildlife park, investigated pre-historic caves and also had some leisure time on the beach. Visiting the locals gave them the perfect opportunity to practice the Spanish they had learnt over the course of the year, as well as in the morning lessons.

For more photos from the visit, click here.

Year 8s sitting on the steps of the Greenwich Naval College, with the Observatory on the hill behind them

On Friday, 30 pupils from Year 8 visited Greenwich as part of a science trip to the Royal Observatory Greenwich to give them a first-hand look at one of the most globally influential places in London.

The day was warm and cloudless which meant the boys walked up the steep hill to the Observatory, which is one of the highest points in London, in splendid weather. While at the observatory they viewed an interactive presentation which visually brought to life the galaxy and all its planets and constellations, as well as the scientific understanding of stars, space and the universe.

The view from Greenwich Hill, next to the Observatory, over London

After the observatory, they journeyed through the Maritime Museum which delves into the history of humans trying to record time and time’s importance during the era of sea exploration. It also shows how sailors tried many methods to keep time while at sea and how the final method was set upon. Along with the importance of time, the Maritime Museum also contains the Greenwich Meridian – the latitudinal centre of the Earth on maps.

The day was an illuminating experience, showing the importance of trial and error in science, as well as theory and about the potential future of scientific discovery.

The Year 10s collecting field data the Southend coast line

As part of their GCSE coursework, the Year 10 Geography class visited Southend last week.

During their two day trip, they undertook fieldwork to collect primary data with an aim to answer two questions: Whether tourism has both positive and negative environmental impacts on Southend? and why has the coast been defended at Southend?

The boys collected the following primary data to help answer these geographical questions:
• Wave orientation
• Sediment measurements
• Questionnaires
• Bi polar survey
• Business survey
• Field Sketch and/or photographs

Having collected their data they used their free time to visit Adventure Island as a reward for their thorough work. They are now presenting, analysing and drawing conclusions from the data back at school.

For more photos from the day, visit our gallery or click here.

Ardingly Arts Festival

July 8th, 2015

The weekend culminated in group performances, including an outdoor music event

Over the last weekend of June, 15 pupils from Year 10, 11 and 12 were invited to Ardingly College to take part in their three day residential Arts Festival.

The group of 15 boys travelled to Ardingly College in Sussex on the Friday and stayed in the school’s boarding accommodation, taking part in a wide variety of artistic activities with children from other schools.

Instructed by a range of international practitioners from Glynbourne, National Youth Theatre and the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Under their instruction, the pupils were put into groups and tasked with putting together a performance that showcased their skills in the best light.

Students spent the first day meeting other pupils in ice breaking events and learning new skills. On the second day they used the skills they learnt and enhanced to plan and choreograph a performance based on the theme of love and loss. On the third day they worked with technicians to plan different ways to stage a performance, working on a technical run through with professional equipment before performing it to the audience of 400 members of the public and their peers on an outdoor stage.

The boys had a great time and learnt how professional artists worked and the time and effort that goes into making a high quality performance. Their performances were given high praise from Ardingly staff and the professional practitioners for their attitude and commitment to performing.

For more images from the weekend, click here.

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