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Central Futures Fair

January 27th, 2015

Year 11s learning about working in the service industry, being a teacher and working in the media

On Friday, Central Foundation Boys’ School welcomed a number of representatives of local and national businesses to speak to the Year 11 pupils about future career possibilities.


Central Futures, a team of Central Foundation staff who are dedicated to securing further education, apprenticeships or work placements for every student who leaves the school, welcomed a number of notable businesses to give the pupils a chance to ask industry professionals about their experiences, how they secured their current job and also to show them the breadth of potential job prospects there are.

Pupils head first-hand accounts from a variety of industries

In four separate groups, the whole of Year 11 came to the hall to talk to employees from Lloyds Bank, ITV, Pret a Manger, Santander, G4S, Montcalm Hotels, Inmarsat and more. In intimate groups, the pupils listened to detailed descriptions of what each job entails and were helped to consider a number of less obvious roles available to them.


Hearing the first-hand accounts from a variety of new voices had a major impact on the Year 11s, how they need to start to consider how to bridge the gap between school and the working world and how the Central Futures team can provide them with support.

Autumn Term Review newsletter

January 23rd, 2015

The Autumn Term Review edition of the Central Foundation Boys’ School newsletter is now available online. To read more about the latest events at Central Foundation Boys’ School, click here.

To see some of the goings on at the mixture of before and after school clubs that run at the school every day, watch a new video compilation that has been published on the extra-curricular activities page by clicking here.

A full timetable of activities can also be found on the page.

DebateMate season opens

January 22nd, 2015

One of Central Foundation's three teams opposing the debated motion

January saw the opening of the new season of the DebateMate Urban League, with the first debate hosted by Central Foundation Boys’ School.

With a strong history in DebateMate, having been the first school to appear in two consecutive national finals (2013 and 2014), Central Foundation was the perfect place to host the first round of matches in this year’s DebateMate competition, with teams from across London converging on the school to debate a number of topics.

Eight schools, many with multiple teams, came to Central Foundation to compete

As well as Central Foundation’s three teams, representatives from Highbury Fields School, La Sainte Union Catholic School, St Mary Magdalene Academy, Mulberry School for Girls, Oaklands School, Ursuline High School and Hackney New School were in attendance to compete.

Debating encourages a number of positive skills such as confidence in public speaking, analysis, independent research and the ability to challenge one’s own perceptions.

The motion contested was “This House believes people should be allowed to sell their body organs.” The motion prompted lively debate amongst the schools and will be the first of many topical areas explored by the competition leading up to the final in May.

Royal Society

January 19th, 2015

Ms Ajayi helping the Year 7s and 8s consider different uses for energy


Recently some Year 7 and 8 science pupils attended a conference at the Royal Society, the oldest learned society for science.

45 pupils from across Year 7 and 8 were selected to participate in a discussion about current fuel sources, alternatives, sustainable energy and CO2 emission. They heard from professional academics and scientists, before posing their own opinions and asking questions.

Some questions asked included:
• Can we not find uses for the carbon dioxide waste gas produced? (Constantine Proferes)
• You’re asking for 50 billion in funding for the ‘Global Apollo Project’, is this reasonable considering what else it could be spent on? (Daniel Adesanya)
• If we use alcohol to fuel in cars, why don’t we use it for other types of transport like planes? (Patrick Reeves Thripp)
• Why don’t we put down solar panels on roads? (Mustafa Khider)

Pupils guessed when on the timeline inventions had been created

There were also a number of interactive activities and competitions for them to take part in. The most in-depth challenge consisted of a timeline of inventions, where pupils had to identify where along the timeline inventions such as mobile telephones were invented. A number of boys from Central Foundation guessed correctly and won prizes.

For more photos from the day, see our gallery or click here.

Houses of Parliament Visit

January 19th, 2015

The pupils were given a personalised tour of Parliament

In the middle of January, six pupils visited the Houses of Parliament for a private tour of the UK’s centre of government.

Six pupils from Year 8 were rewarded with a trip to Westminster for participating in group work earlier on in the year. The workshops helped develop their social, debating and public speaking skills and led to a debating final in the final week of last term.

As Prime Minister David Cameron had arrived shortly beforehand, the group had to be cleared through airport-style security before going into the House of Commons. The group were given a guided tour by an in-house guide who showed them around both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, detailing the history of the building and the process of turning something into law.

After touring the Houses, the group took the opportunity to sightsee in the area, with Westminster Abbey, City Hall and the London Eye all in close proximity.

For more photos from the day, see our gallery or click here.


Long Jump champion workshop

January 19th, 2015

Year 7s trying to jump as far as British Champion JJ Jegede

British longjump champion JJ Jegede was on hand at Central Foundation Boys’ School to conduct a series of PE lessons with Year 7s.

The 2014 Indoor and Outdoor Longjump Champion visited the school for a morning and led a number of PE lessons. He engaged the boys in a series of activities, showing them how to improve their fitness, stamina and personal health as well as educating them on the importance of team building, even in a solo sport like the long jump.

He was joined by Tim Prendergast, the partially-sighted middle distance Paralympian, who was revisiting the school after taking a workshop of his own in the 2014 summer term. After a series of physical activities, the two instructed the boys in theory lessons as well.

As well as relating how he trained for and won the 2014 British Championship, Jegede spoke about his current schedule, working towards competing for Great Britain at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

For more photos from the workshop, view our gallery by clicking here.

Central Futures bulletin

January 13th, 2015

The latest edition of the Central Futures bulletin, from the Central Futures team who are dedicated to finding appropriate pathways to every student who leaves Central Foundation, can be read by clicking here.

Winter Concert

January 7th, 2015

The Senior Choir opened the evening

The Music School closed the Autumn term and 2014 at Central Foundation Boys’ School with an hour long music concert featuring a variety of music performed by the boys.

Over 150 friends, colleagues, parents and partners were on hand as the show began with the Senior Choir, joined by a professional brass quartet, singing Agnus Dei. The Latin work is part of a larger piece by Karl Jenkins that the Senior Choir sang earlier on this year at the Royal Albert Hall as part of a European schools choir of 600 pupils. The Junior Choir also performed, singing Katherine Lucas’ Winter Solstice.

The Strings Ensemble performed the main theme from Star Wars

The Concert Band and String Ensemble each performed instrumental film scores, with the James Bond theme followed by John Williams’ main theme from Star Wars. A trio of piano, violin and tuba also performed an instrumental set of music by Vivaldi from his Sonata in A Major.

Throughout the evening Mr Wells, Director of Music, recognised the effort and achievements of the 100 boys who make up the Music School, starting rehearsals an hour before school begins. He presented awards in 12 different categories, awarding each winner with both a certificate and a gold version of the Music School badge.

The FretWrx guitar group closed the show

After solo performances from James Keagan, singing Walking in the Air, and Eniola Majekodunmi singing Bring Him Home, the FretWrx guitar band played the concert out with an instrumental version of Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child o’ Mine followed by Dobie Gray’s The In Crowd, with Derek Nightingale on vocals.

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