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30% of students earned at least 5 A or A* grades

Central Foundation Boys’ School students celebrated an outstanding set of GCSE results on Thursday 21st August. 84% of the students achieved 5 A* to Cs including English and Maths, an improvement on the impressive results last year which saw Central Foundation become the first school in Islington ever to pass the 80% mark of 5 A* to Cs including English and Maths, a figure only surpassed by four non-selective schools in the whole of the Greater London area in 2013.

The students achieved exceptional outcomes in the core subjects of Maths, English and Science. In Maths, 92% of the students achieved A* to C with 36% of the whole cohort achieving an A/A*. In English, 85% of the students achieved A* to C with 34% of the whole cohort achieving an A/A*. In the Sciences, 86% of students achieved A* to C with 38% of the grades at A/A*.

There was, however, exceptional student performance across the breadth of the curriculum as well as in the core subjects. In History, 42% of all grades were at A/A*; in French 30% of students achieved A/A*. The arts continued their exceptional performance; in Drama 100% of students achieved A* to C with 63% of them achieving an A/A*; in Music 95% of students achieved A* to C with 45% of grades at A*/A.

Our students continue to excel at Business and Computing. In Business 92% achieved A* to C and 40% A/A*; in Computing 95% of students achieved A* to C with 31% of grades at A/A*.

Students were overjoyed after months of waiting for results

There were exceptional performances by the majority of the students. 30% of the students achieved at least 5 A/A*s. These students included:-

Samuel Price who achieved 11 A*s.

Omar Adam and Taief Miah who both achieved 10 A*s and 2 As.

Apollinaire Lalouschek and Rayid Reza who both achieved 9 A*s and 3 As.

Jack Arnatt (8 A*s & 3 As), George Benson (7 A*s, 4 As, 1 B) and George Riley (7 A*s, 4 As, 1 B).

Atef Chowdhury achieved (5 A*s, 7 As, 1 B), Aiden Ha (2 A*s, 7 As, 4 Bs), Kit Kieran (4 A*s, 5 As, 1 B) and Ehssanullah Baghban (2 A*s, 9 As, 1 B).

This is an amazing set of outcomes for the students that show the results of hard work and aspiration of the pupils, combined with dedicated support from their teachers. Central Foundation believes every young person can be successful whatever their starting point or background and our results demonstrate that we have made this belief a reality. In September, many of our students will be joining our sixth form consortium, IC6, and we expect to see them knocking on the doors of the country’s top universities and employers in the next few years.

More images from results day can be viewed in our gallery by clicking here.

Maksud, Waseem and Theo celebrating their A level results

Central Foundation Boys’ School students are celebrating some outstanding A Level and BTEC results. The pass rate for Year 13 was 99%, with 40% of grades at the level of A* or A.

The students performed particularly strongly in the ‘harder’ subjects favoured by universities especially the Sciences and Maths. Across all three Sciences, 91% of students earned an A* – C grade. In all of the Sciences, English Literature and Business over 60% of grades were at A* – B. In Chemistry and Law all students achieved either A* or A.

We are delighted that over 90% of students achieved the grades needed to meet the offer of the university of their choice. These include the following students.

Waseem Al-Abdulla achieved A*s in both Maths and Physics with an A in Chemistry. He is going to Bristol University to study Civil Engineering.

Maksud Rahman achieved an A in Chemistry and Biology, with a B in Maths and will study Chemistry at University College London.

Philip Wereko achieved two As and a C in Economics & Business, Law and Government and Politics. He will be studying Economics and Accounting at Brunel University.

Theo Fiore achieved an A, B and a C in History, English Literature and Art. He will study History at Queen Mary University, London.

Central Foundation Boys’ School students also achieved great success in the vocational courses they studied. 100% of pupils passed their BTEC courses with over 50% of grades being at Distinction, which is equivalent to an A at A Level.

There was particular success in BTEC Business where 13 students were awarded Distinctions.

Galileo, Oliver and Shaun Hylton opening their BTEC extended diplomas

Albi Bala was awarded triple Distinction* while Ugurcanu Anu, Oliver Gnandi, Shaun Hylton, Mohammad Rahman, Emra Ulas and Galileo West all achieved triple Distinction.


Albi Bala’s triple Distinction* means he will go on to study International Business at Brunel University. Agurcanu Anu will also study International Business at Greenwich University; Shaun Hylton will study the same course at Sussex University as well as spending a year on professional placement; Oliver Gnandi has earned himself a place on a Management Studies course at the University of Leicester.

BTEC ICT also had strong results, most notably Okan Cikcik and Rhys Copperthwaite who both were awarded the highest grades possible, triple Distinction*. Both will go on to study Computer Science at the City of London University and Queen Mary University, respectively.

In BTEC Science, among the seven students who achieved Distinctions, Wasim Iqbal was awarded triple Distinction* and will go on to study Psychology at the University of Manchester.

Meanwhile, Dominique Nancy used the skills learnt from his BTEC Hospitality course to gain employment in a hotel in the Seychelles.

The A level students were supported in both their subjects and university applications by being part of the ‘Key Project’. This project is a partnership between the school, the international law firm Slaughter and May and the charity Access. The students are provided with one-on-one tutoring for their subjects and are supported in the application process for university throughout the academic year.

More images from results day can be viewed in our gallery by clicking here.