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Testament to a year of hard work and dedication, the Fine Art and Graphics exhibitions at Central Foundation Boys’ School demonstrated a high level of thought, creativity, planning, skill and craftsmanship.

The Graphics exhibition included a sample of work from GCSE Graphics and Resistant Materials as well as A Level Design and Technology.

On show was a variety of design work such as technical drawings and Computer Aided Modelling, as well as 3D models and prototypes.

The design briefs answered included modern lighting, educational toys, storage, architectural models and packaging.

In the next room the Art Exhibition included a range of paintings, sculptures and illustrations by the GCSE Art students.

Each piece was carefully installed, taking the viewer on a journey as they meandered through the show.

Although we could tell you all about the outstanding skill of the painters, sculptures and conceptual artists on display we would perhaps not do the work justice so if you missed the exhibition and would like to see some of the works on display, why not take a look at our Facebook gallery?

Young Consumers of the Year

July 23rd, 2012

Young Consumers of the Year is organised by the Trading Standards Institute and supported nationally by a number of high profile sponsors. The competition tests students on a wide range of issues including food, health, safety, the environment, managing money and finance, credit and the European dimension.

Ms Begum selected four boys from Year 10 to represent Central Foundation Boys’ School in the Young Consumer of The Year Challenge. The team members;   Govinda Deb, Malik Yansaneh, Khalid Muruz and Elias Belhadded would be tested on a variety of complex topics including; trading standards, Europe, travel and finance so they had to check their general knowledge was up to scratch!

Clearly the boys’ knowledge was near impeccable as the team won the Islington Final at the Emirates Stadium and then again at the O2 – booking their place at the National Finals in Manchester. Despite giving a stellar performance, the boys narrowly missed a place in the final four by just two points. On return to the school Janice Chisholm, Principal Consumer Services Officer and organiser for Islington at the event had written to Ms Begum about the team.

“This is the best result that a London team has achieved in the national final and they performed absolutely brilliantly on the day. I have had so many positive comments from organisers, sponsors and members of the audience about their excellent behaviour, attitude and sportsmanship. They made a great impression and I thought they were excellent ambassadors for the school, for Islington and for London. They were amongst the youngest teams in the competition and were competing against schools which have a long track record in the quiz, as well as some selective schools and colleges.”

Lunch at Lloyds

July 23rd, 2012

A group of Year 9 students were invited to have lunch in the head offices and a tour of the busy trading floor at Lloyds Bank. They were given lunch in a boardroom, presented with certificates and given a book token to recognise their dedication, attendance and improvement in reading.

All of the students are part of the Lloyds Literacy Mentoring Scheme – A partnership between Central Foundation Boys’ School and Lloyds Bank. The scheme promotes reading with twenty Year 9 students. Twice a week  at 8 am business men and women from the organisation come in and read with their mentee.

The scheme has been very successful and the Year 9 students will continue working with their mentors into Year 10.

A new cohort of students and mentors will also begin Literacy Mentoring next term.

The Bank of England is the central bank of the United Kingdom and the model on which most modern central banks have been placed. This month Year 9s enjoyed a lecture with senior employees of The Bank of England who taught the students all about the history of money. One of the banks most famous responsibilities includes the issue of banknotes and banknotes were the subject of this session with the Year 9s.

After summarising the session with a look at all the security features of a modern bank note students were challenged to paw a pile of English banknotes, using special ultra violet lights and the methods they had learned in the presentation in order to sift the real from the fake. Finally, the students were given the opportunity to suggest whose faces they would like to see on the banknotes of the future.

Article written by Yusef Labib, Year 12

On the 4th of July, Year 12 students were given the unique opportunity to acquire profound knowledge of the various factors involved with recruitment and CV writing. Harvey Nash, a leading professional recruitment agency, visited the school and undertook an interactive presentation in which they informed students about how to write their CVs, the not so obvious do’s and don’ts and how to conduct themselves during interviews.

They began the session by introducing the organisation and spoke about the importance of a good CV. Then, after splitting the students into groups of four they began the task of sorting real CVs ascending from best to worst, outlining the good and bad aspects of each.

Finally, after an insightful presentation on interview techniques and surprising real-life scenarios, the employees from Harvey Nash paired up the students and gave them a list of ten questions in order to prompt an interview. The students then took turns to formally interview each other before completing the edifying  Q&A session at the end.

Newsletter Issue 6

July 23rd, 2012

The latest edition of the newsletter is now available, to have a read, please click on the link below.

Newsletter Issue 6

In The Press

July 23rd, 2012

In our May newsletter we told you about Tahmid Chowdhury’s successful application into the Yale Summer School Programme but it seems that the story has made its way into the Islington Gazette and the BBC News. To read the articles simply click on the pictures below:

The Key Project

July 20th, 2012

On 11th of July, teachers, lawyers and supporters from the Access Project celebrated the end of a very successful first year for the Key Project.

The programme gives students the opportunity to benefit from weekly one-to-one mentoring from a tutor from Slaughter and May (as well as other organisations). With many of the sessions focusing around UCAS and personal statements we are hoping to see many of the students receive their places at Russell Group Universities this September. Other positive impacts of the scheme includes, improved aspirations, increased confidence, better articulation, greater knowledge of how to succeed and the opportunity to apply for valuable work experience placements in Slaughter and May’s Head Office.

The event was hosted in the offices of Slaughter and May, Moorgate. Speeches were given by Kate Hursthouse, Community Affairs Manager at Slaughter and May, Samyuktha Rajagopal , Trainee Solicitor at Slaughter and May and Key Project Tutor and Marcus Dilley, Assistant Headteacher, Head of Business at Central Foundation Boys’ School.

With 60 students from Years 10—13 benefitting from the Key Project in its first year we look forward to the year ahead with high hopes for the programme and the increasing numbers of tutors and students keen to get involved.

‘The Key Project has not only provided me with extensive support with my subjects, it has also allowed me to further develop my passion for my subjects through relevant and interesting extra-curricular activities.’

Yusef Labib, Year 12

The Formal Concert 2012

July 18th, 2012

On 17th July the school hall filled up for The Formal Concert. What was most striking about the show was not the talent displayed by the performers, the seamless transitions from piece to piece, the technical expertise or the stage presence you would expect from only the most accomplished of musicians, although these factors all resounded. What really impressed the audience and made the Formal Concert such a success was the variety on offer. From classical piano such as Air by JS Bach, performed by Andrew Lee to modern pop including Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams, performed by the Brass Ensemble. No musical stone was left unturned as the students had put together an eclectic mix of music which catered for every taste.

This variety was not just felt from piece to piece but within individual performances. When Year 10 combined Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars with Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast by Krishnamurthy they created something quite ingenious. Two cultures separated by time and distance came together to create something truly unique which worked remarkably well. Testament perhaps to the richness of culture benefitted by the students at the school and demonstrative of the way this adds value to any creative performance put on by the school.  The only question left remaining for the emotional audience after such a stellar performance was, ‘what will the boys produce in 2013 now that the bar has been set so high?’

Sustainable Solutions

July 16th, 2012

A group of year 8 geographers began a recycling project in Spring in order to promote sustainability in Central Foundation Boys’ School. This endeavour has since transformed into working with the school architects to implement environmental measures when major redevelopment of the school campus takes place next year. From water usage and solar panels to gardens on the school roof, no stone was left unturned when the boys presented their inventive ideas to the architects.

This month the geographers visited Hackney City farm to get ideas and see community sustainability in action. Charlie, the education officer there showed the boys water collection butts, straw insulated buildings, solar panels, composting troughs and even some chickens. They are now developing a mini model of ‘their wish for a sustainable school’ to show the architects and Mr Brownhill at the next meeting.