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Year 8 French Food Tasting

March 30th, 2012

Year 8 French Food Tasting

A group of Year 8 students experienced some typical French cuisine this month. The class were dished up a selection of fine cheeses, snails and even frogs legs! The students should be praised for their willingness to try something different. Everything was happily eaten up, with empty plates all round. Bon appetite!


Year 8 French Food Tasting  Year 8 French Food Tasting

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IDS Visit

Today Secretary for State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, visited the school. The purpose of his visit was to look at the work of Ms Begum, Progression  Manager/Coach, and the programme ThinkForward. The programme focuses on identifying and supporting at risk young people and provide them with targeted support to ensure that they transition successfully into work, education or training. It is underpinned by three key principles:

  • Early and long-term intervention – work with young people for over 3 years of sustained support through key transitional phases
  • 1:1 relationship with an experienced, trusted coach – highly qualified and skilled coaches, personal to schools
  • Connective but not duplicative – complimenting current provisions rather than creating new initiatives

Ms Begum and her programme are funded by the charity, Tomorrow’s People, who in turn receive funding from the Private Equity Foundation. Ms Begum is our personal coach.

Iain Duncan Smith is interested in the programme from the extent that it reduces the possibilities of students becoming NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) upon leaving school.  The Secretary spent the morning over-seeing a Year 9 group tutorial session on interview skills and interacting with the young people to find out their views on education and their future goals. In addition, he had a tour of the Sixth Form Business BTEC class.

The Secretary was accompanied by an ITN news film crew and team of journalists from the Guardian and the Telegraph. Baroness Deborah  Stedman-Scott, the CEO of Tomorrow’s People, also attended.

Shaks Ghosh, Chief Executive of the Private Equity Foundation says: “Once a young person walks out of the school gate for the last time they become much harder to help. Our latest initiative ThinkForward, is about identifying the most vulnerable early and giving them someone whose sole focus is to provide them with the continuity of support which takes them all the way to their first job and beyond.”

For more information visit the Tomorrow’s People website:


IDS Visit  IDS Visit

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The Key Project Launch

March 9th, 2012

The Key Project Launch

Last night was the official launch of The Key Project at Central Foundation Boys’ School. The Project aims to help motivate students from disadvantaged backgrounds win places at top universities.

The Project has been running successfully at the school since January and is being led by the Key Project Programme Manager, Ms Spencer. The Key Project is a collaboration between Central Foundation Boys’ School, leading international law firm, Slaughter and May and the charity, The Access Project.

Over 150 people attended the event. There were speeches from Headteacher, Mr Brownhill, Slaughter and May Partner, Mark Bennett, and Sixth Form student, Tahmid Chowdhury who is currently participating in the Project.

Other attendees included Central Foundation Boys’ School parents and governors, project participants, employees from Slaughter and May and The Access Project, and established City workers.

The find out more visit The Access Project or see their website:


The Key Project Launch  The Key Project Launch

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NOTICE: February Newsletter

March 8th, 2012

The second edition of the CFBS Newsletter is now available. You can view this by clicking the image below.

Newsletter Issue 2

Central Foundation students celebrate outstanding A level results

Central Foundation Boys’ School are again celebrating a tremendous set of A and AS level results.

The A level pass rate was 99% and the outcomes of the students’ overall performance was an improvement on the previous two years, which themselves were judged to be outstanding by Ofsted. Many students achieved exceptional results with over 20% of all grades being A or A*. We are pleased to report that by midday on Thursday 18th August all students wishing to go to university had secured a place.

Central Foundation AS results were also the best ever with over 60% of grades being a C grade or better.

Students have worked incredibly hard with their dedicated teachers and they all thoroughly deserve the success they have achieved.

Central Foundation Boys’ School GCSE results at an all time high with sizzling Science results

Students and staff at Central Foundation Boys’ School are celebrating after another excellent crop of GCSE results. Students achieved a remarkable 82% 5+ A*-C overall pass rate, a 23% increase in just two years and an 8% increase on last year’s results. The number of students achieving 5+ A*-C including English and Maths has also gone up to 65%, an impressive increase of 15 percentage points in two years.

Furthermore, the school is particularly proud of the results in the Sciences, with students attaining an incredible 100% pass rate in Chemistry and 100% and 97%, respectively, in Biology and Physics. This good news comes on the back of an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted classification for Central Foundation’s Sixth Form and excellent A Level results.

The school is also celebrating a number of individual stories of success.  All these boys will continue to study at Central Foundation’s Sixth Form Consortium:

Ali Arslan10 A*s + 4 As
Tahmid Chowdhury8 A*s + 6 As
Taylan Durmus3 A*s + 9 As
Mohammed Hussan8 A*s + 4 As
Tahmid Islam2A*s + 6 As
Salman Rahman4 A*s + 5 As
Fahim Uddin2 A*s + 8 As
Adrian Hracki6 A*s + 3 As

The Key Project

March 8th, 2012

The Key Project - Tutoring Session

January saw the launch of an exciting new project to ensure that as many as possible of Central Foundation Boys’ School students go to the country’s top universities. 

The Key Project is a collaboration between the school, leading international law firm, Slaughter and May and the charity, The Access Project.

The Key Project aims to give students from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to study at top educational institutions such as Cambridge and Oxford University. It was founded after the discovery that a child on Free School Meals is 22 times less likely than a privately educated pupil to enter a highly selective university*, despite the fact students had the potential to succeed.

The Access Project’s founder, Alex Kelly, found “that aspiration was not the issue – students were aware of what a good career might be, or which universities are seen as the best. The problem was that they weren’t making the grades to get into these institutions.”

At Central Foundation Boys’ School 72% of our pupils are or have been on Free School Meals in the past six years. It has one of the highest intakes of disadvantaged students in the country.

Headteacher, Mr Brownhill, agrees that lack of aspiration is not the issue “it’s about getting practical with the students’ aspirations.  It’s about giving them time for researching their aspirations and hope, helping them really understand the world of work and engaging with the practicalities of employment.”

Students who join the Project will receive one-to-one tutoring to support them in achieving the grades required to go to the top universities.  These sessions have proved very successful so far with students reporting that with fewer distractions, they find it easier to concentrate. Our students feel their confidence growing as they have the opportunity to communicate directly and speak more.

Student, Charlie Shanks, is currently taking part and would recommend the tutoring to other students “but only if they want to actually succeed with it.  It’s something you can gain a lot from but you have to want to gain from it.” 

In addition, students taking part in the project will have the opportunity to visit universities, access internships with businesses and attend a series of workshops on the university application process. 

Assistant Headteacher, Mr Dilley, thinks that this project will be a great success: “We have got untapped potential in our students.  They have the drive and commitment, but until now we haven’t had the resources to really be able to support their progression into Russell Group Universities. “

It project is being led by the Key Project Programme Manager, Ms Spencer, who is based at the school.

It is a very ambitious programme which supports our mission to ensure that Central Foundation students, whatever their background, will fulfil their full potential.

The find out more about the Key Project please visit their website: The Access Project


Key Project Tutor Christina  The Key Project

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*The Sutton Trust, ‘Responding to the New Landscape for University Access,’ December 2010.

CFBS Newsletter Issue 2

March 7th, 2012

View the second edition of the CFBS Newsletter by clicking the image below.

Newsletter Issue 2

See the previous edition here or read the latest here.

The Globe Theatre Trip

This week Year 7 students were treated to a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Shakespeare’s Globe. The production was organised as part of the Globe Education programme ‘Playing Shakespeare’.

The programme, now in its sixth year, aims to teach young people across London about the work of William Shakespeare. It believes the best way for them to learn is through enjoyment, which is why they have created a number of lively ways for them to experience Shakespeare in action.

The production offered a fantastic opportunity for our students to visit the famous theatre they have been studying in class. Shakespeare’s Globe, a modern reconstruction of the Globe, opened in 1997 approximately 750 feet (230m) from the site of the original theatre.

The theatre was originally built in 1599 by Shakespeare’s playing company and was destroyed by fire on 29 June 1613. A second Globe theatre was built on the same site by June 1614 and closed in 1642.

Our students got to experience Shakespeare’s work the way it was originally meant to be – in an open top theatre, right in front of the action.

This particular production of A Midsummers Night’s Dream was devised with young people in mind, making Shakespeare more accessible and appealing through its choice of set design, costumes and music.

The ‘Playing Shakespeare’ programme is Globe Education’s flagship project. The production, workshops and web resources introduces performance into the classroom study of Shakespeare and provides students the opportunity to enjoy live Shakespeare.

Central Foundation Boys’ School is pleased to have joined other schools across London in this project. Thank you to all the CFBS staff that assisted with the success of this trip.

For more information on the production please visit their website:

Charity Bake Sale

March 4th, 2012

Charity Bake Sale

Last Thursday a charity bake sale for Cancer Research took place at the school. CFBS staff prepared a selection of delicious baked goods which were sold by a group of Sixth Form students. There was everything from scones with jam and clotted cream to freshly baked apple muffins.

The event was a major success; everything was sold out within 45 minutes!

There was also an opportunity for staff participants to enter a dish into a ‘Bake Off Challenge’. This involved 2 judges marking each entry on presentation, taste, smell and texture with the winner receiving a prize.

The winner was decided to be Ms Bagot with her raspberry crumble, which the judges described as a “party for the taste buds.” Congratulations!

The Sixth Form students should be applauded for their continuous enthusiasm and outstanding sales skills. Together they helped raise a grand total of £126.01, all of which will go to Cancer Research.

Thank you to Ms Begum for organising the event and to everyone who baked or purchased something from the bake sale.


Charity Bake Sale  Charity Bake Sale

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