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Making a Difference

May 26th, 2011


Since the start of the academic year, 5 young people from Central Foundation have joined thousands across the UK making a difference in their schools and communities. Through the Envision programme the students have planned and implemented social and environmental projects. The team have spent this year creating The Stereo Type Fighters t-shirt campaign which aims to challenge the way young people are perceived within our society.

The group were also involved in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style event Pitch4Change. With mentoring from McDermot Will and Emory Law firm employees they created a 5 minute presentation and successfully receiving £500 to develop their project.

The team used this money to create flyers, posters and social marketing sites to advertise their t-shirts and develop their marketing skills. Their products will soon be on sale with 30% of their profits are being donated to a local community organisation.

This year the students have fully embraced the Envision ideology of youth- leadership. They have each taken a lot from the programme, developing vital skills in teamwork and and public speaking. The team will have a chance to celebrate their achievements at the Envision Summer Ceremony on 7th July at Shoreditch Town Hall.

Central Foundation is pleased with the accomplishments of the group and their position as role models of the school. We hope this encourages students to take part in the programme next year.

Further information:


Envision - Receiving Cheque  Envision - The Presentation  Envision - The Team

Anti Piracy Workshop

Record label Shed Records visited the school yesterday to educate Central Foundation students about all the work that is involved to produce a music track. The workshop, encouraging young people to stop downloading music illegally, featured guest speakers representing the various roles in the music industry. The speakers went over all the behind-the-scenes jobs of the music business to show how much the industry relies on music sales.

The group demonstrated how music heard on the radio or online evolves from an idea to a finished record. Dan (songwriter) broke down the process of developing a song, and Paul Sheddon (record label owner) explained the role of a Manager and Producer. 

Next, illustrating the job of a Sound Engineer, required both an interactive demonstration and audience participation. Students Shamsul Haque (Sixth Form) and Idris Sobande (Year 11) were selected to mix the track Dan had been working on. Artist Natisse then performed the finished song – “Kiss Me On The Lips“.

Natisse was used to illustrate the typical day-to-day life of a music artist, explaining how they survive whilst building their career. Natisse added she does not make enough money as an artist and at present works in a pub. The workshop further discussed the importance of music with a talk from the British Phonographic Industry which speaks for the UK recorded business.

The morning was finished with an awards ceremony with Natisse presenting awards to Mr Bang’s Year 12 team Bangchester United who had won the football league cup.

The winning team:

Nicholas Kyriacou (Goal Keeper)
Conor Brown (Attacker) – Top Scorer with 29 goals
Jason Gardner (Attacker)
Julian Estrada (Sub Attacker)
Callum Brennan (Defender)
Junior Ogiehor (Defender)
Joshua Barton-Daly (Sub Defender)
Sabbir Ahmed (Sub Defender)

The BBC attended the event and conducted interviews with Central Foundation students, exploring their thoughts on the workshop. 

Read the BBC article here:

Listen to the BBC Radio 1 broadcast here:

Central Foundation would like to thank Mr Qeshta for organising the event and wish the group the best of luck on their school tour encouraging students to ‘support the music.’


Student BBC Interview   Mr Qeshta and Natisse

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Science module test papers are now available to view on the website via our VLE.

As the VLE is currently still under development Year 10 and 11 Science students will be able to access these documents using a temporary username and password.

These are as following:

Year 10
Username: scienceyear10
Password: central

Year 11
Username: year11science
Password: central

You can log into the VLE from the homepage via the login box on the right. Once you are logged in you can select your desired Science classroom using the drop-down menu on the top left. All module papers are located there in the Resources section.

We ask that only the Year 10 and 11 students in question use this facility and that other students and visitors refrain from logging into our VLE.

If there are any difficulties accessing the VLE please contact our Web Coordinator:

French Vocabulary learning materials for Year 7, 8 and 9 are available to view on the VLE. These can be used as part of the revision for the upcoming exams.

As the VLE is currently still under development French students will be able to access these documents using a temporary username and password.

These are as following:

Year 7
Username: year7french
Password: central

Year 8
Username: year8french
Password: central

Year 9
Username: year9french
Password: central

You can log into the VLE from the homepage via the login box on the right. Once you are logged in you can select the French classroom using the drop-down menu on the top left.  Look in Vocab folder in the Resources section. All learning materials are located there.

We ask that only the Year 7, 8 and 9 students in question use this facility and that other students and visitors refrain from logging into our VLE.

If there are any difficulties accessing the VLE please contact our Web Coordinator:

There will be revision sessions running this half-term for Year 11 students, with an additional Maths session for Year 10.

For further information please view the schedule:

Half-Term Revision Schedule

Last Friday’s music concert went down a storm. The musicians (Year 7 to 11) played to a full-house of family, friends and school staff. The concert aims to showcase the musical talents of students in the school and celebrate the achievements of the Music department.

The students demonstrated a broad range of skills, from playing guitar to rapping. Each performance was highly well received with the audience requesting an encore following the final act. We would like to thank Mr Wells, Head of Music, for arranging the concert and to all the students who took part. We look forward to future performances from the department.

The diverse programme is displayed below with photographs from the event following.


  • Junior Choir

‘O fortuna’ from Carmina Burana by Carl Orff

  • Music, Maths and the Mind

Time Lapse by Michael Nyman
Performed by Michael Adewale, Kyran Burnett-Smith, Josh Arce and Michael Oguntimehin, Year 10
No 2 from Six Little Pieces by Arnold Schoenberg
Performed by Xavier Puget, Year 11
Inside the Mind of a Liar
Composed and performed by Year 11 GCSE students

  • Guitar Solo by Harry Woodall, Year 11

Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits

  • The Rap Pack

Stolen Car (Music and Chorus by Sting)
Rap and backing vocal performed by Theodore Farrell, Year 11
No Trespassing
Rap, backing vocals and backing track by Idris Sobande, Year 11

  • Junior Musicians

Prelude in C by JS Bacg and Stroll On by Alan Haughton
Performed by Andrwe Li, Year 7
Just In Time by Deirdre Cartwright
Performed by Yaamin Chowdhury, Zane Dabinett, Ashleigh Fourner, Year 8
Love Potion No.9
Performed by George Benson, George Shanks, George Riley, Josh Shanny-Wynter and Andrew Li

  • Drum Composition by Ali Gunes, Year 11

Bossa By Numbers
Performed by Ali Gunes and instrumental teachers

  • Brass Group

Almande Prynce – anon. 16th century Dutch
Galliard – Schein
Performed by Otto Sumray, Milo Maris, James Humphreys-Becker, Max Swash and Waheed Khan

  • Vocal Solo by Kamal Bernard, Year 11

Amazing by George Michael

  • Senior Choir

I’ll Be There by Gordy, Jr, Bob West, Hal Davis and Willie Hutch, first recorded by the Jackson Five
Uptown Girl by Billy Joel


Music Concert    Music Concert 

View More in the Gallery

NEW: Download Tracks from the Concert

Summer Term Exams

May 20th, 2011


Good luck to all our students taking exams this term!

Revision materials are available for certain subjects on the VLE using temporary login details. If students would like additional study materials available on the website please contact the Web Coordinator:

All exams are listed on the website calendar, here and a full list can be downloaded here: Summer Exam Timetable.

For revision guides, advice and past exam papers visit the exam board websites:

Formal Music Concert

Students will have the opportunity to display their musical talents tonight at the Music Department’s Formal Concert.

The students will play a mixture of covers, (including Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl and Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits),  and original composed pieces. The concert will feature performances from:

  • Junior Choir
  • Music, Maths and the Mind, Year 10 & 11
  • Harry Woodhall, Year 11
  • The Rap Pack, Year 11
  • Junior Musicians, Year 7 & 8
  • Ali Grunes, Year 11
  • Brass Group
  • Kamal Bernard, Year 11
  • Senior Choir

The concert will begin at 6.30pm in the school’s main hall.

Cambridge University Talk

This Tuesday (17/05/11) Central Foundation students, along with fellow IC6 schools (Highbury GroveHighbury Fields Schools and St Aloysius College), attended a talk given by Dr Melanie Taylor from Cambridge University.

The event was aimed at the Gifted and Talented cohorts from each school and designed to alleviate fears about Oxford and Cambridge university. It aspired to outline how different they are from mainstream universities and the benefits of attending. The 60 students who attended found the presentation very enjoyable and had many questions for Dr Taylor.

As part of the next stage of the Raising Aspirations programme the 60 students are being taken to Cambridge University for the day this September. The same group will be returning to the university in February 2012 as part of the HE Fair which together fifty universities be attending. At the event Dr Taylor will present to parents about Cambridge and Oxford universities.

This is only one of the many strands of work we do with our Gifted and Talented and any student that aspires to progress to university. For more information on this work please see:

Event Photographs:

Cambridge University Talk   Cambridge University Talk

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