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Central Foundation won 1st place at Islington’s Young Consumer of the Year contest, hosted by the writer and Fast Show star Charlie Higson. The fast-paced ‘University Challenge’ style contest quizzed students on their knowledge of customer rights, managing money and citizenship.

Media Moguls

February 19th, 2011

Media students recently undertook a range of activities to develop their skills and work with industry professionals. The first of these was a film making workshop at the BBC last term, a group of Year 13 students worked with a music video director, Kwame Lestrade, to create their own film.

An original track was provided by a member of the group and the students were given four hours to create an appropriate video. Students were able to use state-of-the-art BBC facilities, developing skills in filming and editing. Two students have continued working with Kwame on another project that takes place on Saturday mornings.

We have also taken advantage of the National Schools Film Week screenings for the frouth consecutive year, taking Year 12 and Year 13 students to see ‘Skank’, a dystopian view of London gangs in the future. The launch of Central Foundation’s Film Club involved a question and answer sessions with new film director, Lindy Heymann, whose film ‘Kicks’ they watched, before asking her searching questions about the film and the film industry in general.

An International School

February 4th, 2011

Mandarin Class

Central Foundation has achieved International School status in recognition of the global dimensions of our curriculum and extra-curricular activities. We have resident language assistants in French, Mandarin and Arabic and have just launched lessons in Somali.

All students have the opportunity of an overseas experience. Trips include: Austria (skiing), Berlin and the D Day Beaches (history), Paris and Nice (French language), Alexandria (Arabic immersion course), Beijing (Mandarin immersion course), Spain (geography field trip.)

Central Foundation’s international work and status makes a unique and important contribution to our school. Established links with China, Europe and Africa encourage global awareness and a sense of global citizenship in our students.