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Earlier this year, three groups of Year 13 Business Diploma students were provided with start-up capital of £100 each to fund a business idea. The students decided upon three different food ideas and organised themselves to sell on White Cross Market for three consecutive weeks, jostling for customers alongside their competition.

The students phoned up suppliers and organised transport to collect their goods from Enfield, Camden and Whitechapel, experiencing some teething problems when products and suppliers had to conform to Islington Food Safety Officers’ strict regulations.

The budding entrepreneurs soon realised that there was a captive market amongst the staff at school who, snowed under with marking and catch-up classes, were easily enticed by the small boosts of energy and the sugar rush from the students’ muffins and caramel shortcakes and the sales statred rolling in.

The wintry weather, however, sabotaged plans to turn losses into profits and students resorted to selling at discount prices. The project allowed the students to learn vital skills of communication, selling and negotiation and hopefully will lead to them retaining the Islington Social Enterprise award that they received last year. Watch this space…

Islington Cross Country race took place in Finsbury Park in January; congratulations goes to all our competing boys; Eliot McFarlane, Charly Bailey, Billy Brown (all Year 7), Mohammed Sabeg (Year 8 ) and Harry Sanger (Year 10). Special mention must go to Eliot McFarlane who won the overall Year 7 Cross Country category. A fantastic achievement!

Bank of England Visit

Over 30 Central Foundation students, including 15 A level economics and business students, recently enjoyed an inspirational talk by Andy Haldane, Executive Director, from the Bank of England. Andy spoke about his role at the Bank of England, British monetary policy and the current economic climate; he then answered questions. This session was followed by a discussion with Robert Peston, the BBC’s Business Editor.